Knicks may trade up for Jimmer Fredette

Updated: June 20, 2011, 2:04 PM ET
By Chad Ford

This is it. The week of the NBA draft. With less than four days to go, there is still a lot of commotion going on. Teams are still conducting last-minute workouts. Trade calls are heating up. Draft stock is still rising and falling. Here's the latest from around the league.

Trade talk

One of the biggest challenges in projecting the draft is trying to get a handle on who is exactly drafting where. Sources continue to insist that the Minnesota Timberwolves (2), Utah Jazz (3), Cleveland Cavaliers (4) and Washington Wizards (6) are all still open to moving those picks. Some of those trades could be with each other, but from what I can gather, none of the teams at the top of the lottery are sold with the players that are available to them.

"If someone really values the pick, and we can get something more proven, I think in this draft, you have to be open to a trade," one lottery GM said. "I don't like the risk-reward mix right now."

But the draft exodus may go even further into the first round. Sources say that the Charlotte Bobcats (9), Milwaukee Bucks (10) and Golden State Warriors (11) are also open to moving their picks. In this case, the interest is all pretty specific. The Knicks, and a handful of other teams, are trying to get ahead of the Jazz. The target? BYU's Jimmer Fredette.