Kawhi Leonard shows why workouts matter

Updated: June 28, 2011, 6:01 PM ET
By Chad Ford

The 2011 NBA draft is a wrap. On Friday I handed out draft grades to all 30 teams and dished for an hour on the aftermath of the draft with Ryen Russillo on the NBA Today podcast. Here are a few other takeaways from Thursday night's draft:

What's the value of workouts?

Before the draft each year, virtually every GM and NBA scout I know is emphatic that draft workouts are just a small part of the draft process. Some claim they don't matter at all. I beg to differ.

As soon as the draft is over, all I hear about is the workout. I spoke with a number of GMs and scouts on Friday. Here's what I heard when they explained to me why they took or passed on particular prospects: