Potential changes to the draft process

Updated: June 30, 2011, 2:56 PM ET
By Jason A. Churchill

Adjustments to the first-year player draft have been suggested, considered and pondered for years. Anything from the length of the draft, the timing of the event and how the draft order should be determined has been changed in the 44 years of the draft, and more modifications could be on the way as the collective bargaining agreement is up this coming winter.

Here are some of those potential changes, as well as some adjustments I'd like to see made. We'll leave the advisor/agent issue out of it for now, since that's a whole different mound of mud.

Hard slotting

This has been a subject thrown around quite a bit the past year as the potential for hard slotting may impact the class of 2011 and how many kids sign rather than head to school. The idea is that capping the bonus money a club can offer a drafted player evens the playing field and limits the influence of the advisors.

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