The rising cost of 'Jeter watch'

Updated: July 6, 2011, 11:21 AM ET
By Buster Olney

Right after Derek Jeter got hurt last month, I remember chatting with a fan at Wrigley Field who explained wistfully that she had gambled that the Yankees shortstop would get his 3,000th career hit within the ivy walls that weekend. She had bought a plane ticket and tickets hoping to witness history -- and the roulette table simply didn't turn right for her.

You wonder how many dollars are invested in this way, as players approach milestone moments -- and as fans venture an educated guess on when the big moment will come.

Remember how ticket-buying fans reacted to every bit of news about the date of the possible debut for Stephen Strasburg? The same thing is happening as Jeter draws closer to 3,000 hits -- and he now needs just four more, after collecting No. 2,995 and No. 2,996 on Tuesday night.

Chris Matcovich sent along this analysis from the website TiqIQ.com, which tracks the shifting landscape of ticket prices. As of Tuesday night at 8:30, here's how the data for ticket-buying in Yankee Stadium for the days ahead appeared: