Eat, drink, and Hail Mary

What happens when a common fan works at an uncommon sports bar during the craziest week of the year? Pure madness.

Updated: July 17, 2011, 2:44 AM ET
By Kevin Roose | ESPN The Magazine

IT'S THE FIFTH DAY of the Hockey East Tournament, a binge-drinking PSA in the guise of a college hockey playoff, and I'm serving drinks at the Fours, one of the biggest sports bars in Boston. The place is filled with the rhythmic clatter of bottles being pried open one after another -- flip clink, fwip clink, fwip clink -- their caps falling onto the metal cooler below the bar. Over all the yelling, that's the only thing I can hear.

"Can I have two Buds and anAWWWWYEAH?"

"Hey, ...

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