Reaction to first mock draft post-lockout

Updated: August 3, 2011, 11:02 AM ET
By Eric Karabell

When it comes to fantasy football drafts, whether they count or not, I'm pretty predictable. I'm going heavy on running backs early. I'm waiting a while on my quarterback and tight end. I won't entertain the thought of a defense or kicker until the final two rounds. And I'm far more likely to invest in an older player that should have something to prove -- but has proved it before -- than go the rookie route.

So it was that I made my predictable picks in Tuesday's 10-team mock draft with my ESPN Fantasy brethren. Running backs with my first three picks? Check! A solid quarterback after I had settled on my starters at running back, wide receiver and flex? Check! And you'll find one old wide receiver and what I thought was a bargain or two on this team. Check times three! So let's take a look at what I was thinking in this latest mock draft … because chances are good I'll be thinking it again for the next one.