Ranks reaction: In the Giants I trust

Updated: September 8, 2011, 9:45 AM ET
By Eric Karabell
I always enjoy seeing the weekly fantasy football staff rankings for the first time each week (it's Wednesday, ba-by!). One can hear whispers around the office, such as oooh, he really likes this guy or what does he have against this fellow? In truth, I can safely say none of the four rankers -- Matthew Berry, Christopher Harris, Tristan H. Cockcroft and myself -- discuss our personal rankings beforehand. We're moving a mile a minute here, especially leading into Week 1. Still, it's interesting when one ranker seems to like a certain player or team much more than the others.

For this week, I suppose, the New York Giants are that "it" team for me. I've been talking up wide receiver Mario Manningham all preseason as someone who could vault from outside our top 20 at the position into the top 10, even with Hakeem Nicks as a teammate. I truly believe that. Manningham was good last season, and he finished strong, averaging 115 receiving yards -- with 100-plus yards each week -- and scoring four touchdowns over the final three weeks. And this team doesn't seem to have a reliable No. 3 receiver, especially with Steve Smith now on the Philadelphia Eagles.