Houston Cougars on the prowl

Updated: September 11, 2011, 7:49 PM ET
By Dave Telep
When five-star SF Danuel House (Sugarland, Texas/Hightower), who is No. 15 in the ESPNU 100, signs with Houston in November, he'll be one of the highest-rated players to ever join the program. Ricky Winslow in 1983 and Alton Ford in 2000 are the standard bearers from the program in terms of best high school additions since 1998. Lanny Smith and George Williams were big additions during their time, but House's pledge is more significant. Clyde Drexler is one of the program's greatest talents but he played his senior year as a center and was cut from the team at Ross Sterling High as a junior; that's the definition of a late bloomer.

The Cougars have had few talents like House's directly out of high school, let alone a day when the program adds a pair of ESPNU 100 talents. Danrad "Chicken" Knowles (Houston/Homeschool Christian Academy), House's travel teammate with Texas Pro, decided to share the day with House. Knowles is No. 56 in the ESPNU 100. Both of these prospects are late blooming players in the Class of 2012. The seeds of this recruiting class were planted in 2010, the day Dickey took over the program. Like most new head coaches, he pledged to make a commitment to locking down the local talent. As of Sunday, he made good on his commitment. "When he came in, at his press conference, he said there's too much talent that's been leaving this state and going to other programs," said Marland Lowe, who coached House and Knowles on the AAU Texas Pro team. "He said he needed to focus on this city and this state. It woke the guys up. He got a previous head coach [on staff] and some up and comers to communicate and recruit for him. He made the [recruits] comfortable with him."

Dickey seen his share of basketball and been around big-time players.