2011 ranks update: Indy options slide

Updated: September 14, 2011, 3:06 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Welcome to Tuesday, a day marked on my weekly schedule as END-OF-SEASON RANKINGS day (and yes, it is in all capital letters). These are fun. Just a note, though: I'm not the type of guy who will overrate things that happen in a first week of any season, so you might not see as much change in these position rankings (or the top 100) as you would with other rankers. But if you want to pump up Week 1 performances, go right ahead. They are, after all, your teams. If you want to drop Ben Roethlisberger to add Cam Newton or Ryan Fitzpatrick, well, good for you and lemme know if you have room in your league in 2012!

These rankings will be updated every Tuesday, and as always I look forward to your comments. I've made my own comments to the left of the rankings for each position. But let me re-emphasize that these are not my Week 2 rankings. Those week-specific rankings from me and a few of my cohorts are published each Wednesday. I'm thinking long-term (the rest of the season) in this blog entry. In other words, if I were drafting today, these would be my rankings.