Flex rankings: Solid options on waiver wire

Updated: October 13, 2011, 3:29 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

Hope your first week of filling the flex position during those annoying bye weeks went well. For me in looking at my various leagues, I admit it wasn't always so pretty. But again, whenever you take six NFL teams out of the picture, it's going to create a different kind of tough lineup choice. Instead of picking between borderline top-20 options at running back and wide receiver -- say Darren Sproles versus Santonio Holmes, for example -- during these awful bye weeks Donald Brown might look good. And he might be sitting there on free agency, too!

That's one positive thing about bye weeks; I find myself upgrading my bench during them because when push comes to shove, and I know I can't use Ryan Mathews because he's off, and I don't want to use someone I drafted whose stock has slipped -- Reggie Bush or Chad Ochocinco jump to mind -- the most attractive option might be sitting there for all to see and add. And when you get to the bottom of this week's flex rankings, you'll see some of those names do match free agents in your league.

So here we go to Week 6 of the flex rankings. Make the best decisions you can and good luck!