Mailbag: The Canucks' Finals hangover

Updated: October 14, 2011, 3:10 PM ET
By Craig Custance

The Stanley Cup hangover is much more manageable when you actually win the Stanley Cup. So after the Canucks lost on Thursday night, a 2-0 shutout in Detroit, there was plenty of frustration in the Vancouver dressing room. The Canucks have lost two consecutive games and sit at 1-2-1 heading into the weekend.

"Our first three games we played good for 30 minutes," Henrik Sedin said. "Tonight we had the same thing. We're good for the first 25 minutes and after that we're not good enough. We have to keep our focus for 60 minutes. That's the key."

Before jumping to any conclusions about the Canucks, it's worth noting that they started last season with an identical 1-2-1 record before putting together the most impressive regular season in hockey.

Factor in the drive that comes with losing in the finals and the Canucks are better poised than the Bruins to overcome the short summer.

"We didn't win it," Sedin said. "Maybe Boston because they won it, they might have a problem. We still have something to prove here. It's too tough a league to not be focused right now."

That hunger could be the difference between the Bruins and Canucks this season.

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