Players to buy: Greene, Mike Williams ...

Updated: October 20, 2011, 5:39 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
I don't concern myself with an NFL team's December schedule before the season because trying to predict which teams will be good and bad by then is a complete guessing game. We're six weeks into the season now, and let's just say we know a lot more about the San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills than we thought we did two months ago. Likewise, some of the perceived tough teams don't look as tough now (I'm looking at you, Eagles). So strength of schedule doesn't really mean much to me in August, but in mid-October, these aren't merely guesses. We know more.

Checking out pending schedules is just one way to buy low on fantasy football options, and it's certainly a wise time to do this because it's a great way to gain value and improve your team. When I look at players to buy low -- or sell high, for that matter -- certainly future opponents play a role, but I also look at health (current and historical) and the potential for adjusted roles, and sometimes it merely comes down to who I think is not as good as his numbers indicate, and who is better than what he has shown.