Baylor leads top turnaround teams

Updated: November 7, 2011, 2:31 PM ET
By Fran Fraschilla

The start of the season is a time when all teams are feeling reasonably optimistic. Of course, that can change after a few losses. Soon enough, things could be spiraling downward and that sparkling preseason optimism seems misguided.

Last season, more than a few teams experienced that dreaded tailspin as their records failed to meet their expectations. But it's a fresh start now, and with the talent these six squads will put on the court, I believe these teams are primed for big turnarounds in 2011-12.

Baylor Bears
A team that has potential top-five talent should not be on this list, but last season's 7-9 conference record led to no postseason appearance and left the Bears as the country's most disappointing team. That should all turn around this season for Scott Drew's club.