How to stop Aaron Rodgers right now

Updated: November 7, 2011, 3:11 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: Considering Tony Romo's age and inconsistent play in clutch situations, do you think that his tenure in Dallas will be up if they can't make it to the playoffs?

-- Dorian (New Jersey)

A: It's an interesting question, Dorian. In April, there was some chatter that the Cowboys might be interested in Cam Newton if he started sliding in the draft. It never materialized, of course, but it would have been intriguing if it had. There's no question that the Cowboys trust Romo right now -- they have little other choice. But if Romo can't get this team to the playoffs, the Cowboys will have to at least start investigating some alternatives for the future. Saying that, Romo still is one of the better quarterbacks in the league, and the question Dallas will have to ask is, "Who can we get who's better?" There aren't many good ones readily available. But an unsuccessful season certainly will speed up the speculation that Dallas needs to start looking.

Q: Adam, how well is Aaron Rodgers playing right now? That offense looks absolutely unstoppable. How would you slow them down?

-- Andre (New York)