Why New England is still dangerous

Updated: November 9, 2011, 5:06 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: Given Albert Haynesworth's dismissal from New England, do you think Chad Ochocinco will follow shortly? His productivity has been putrid this season.

-- Gina (Fla.)

A: Hard to predict when it would come, Gina, but it's fair to say that the relationship hasn't worked out so far. Did you happen to see Ochocinco's tweet Tuesday night? He tweeted: "You ever work hard at something but it never pans out the way you want or expect to? Curious how many of you gave up? Be honest." That tweet provides a glimpse into Ochocinco's thoughts -- and New England's regarding him probably aren't far off. Unless something changes, a divorce looks like it's inevitable at some point. But it's too difficult to predict precisely when.

Q: Adam, it seems like there is a lot of talk that New England Patriots fans are losing faith in Bill Belichick due to the lack of Super Bowl wins recently and poor drafting. Are NFL personnel people saying the same thing to you? What's your opinion?

-- Frank (N.J.)