Best NBA fits for top prospects

Updated: November 16, 2011, 3:58 PM ET
By David Thorpe

College hoops is just beginning, and the NBA season is but a glimmer of hope, yet NBA teams still covet many players from a 2012 draft class that is expected to be very rich in talent. Though team needs will likely change (assuming there's a season) through free agency, trades or player development, the top players in this class bring enough talent to help any team, no matter who it currently employs.

Here's a first look at which top prospects could fit best with which NBA teams.

Anthony Davis, F, Kentucky Wildcats
Best NBA fit: Phoenix Suns
Every team has a need for an energetic and athletic forward who competes hard and plays with passion -- especially one with terrific upside and a downside that still ensures lots of rotation minutes. In other words, Davis has the potential to earn multiple All-Star appearances, and he has no "bust" potential if he stays healthy.