Ranking hot seats, coaching prospects

Updated: December 2, 2011, 12:12 PM ET
By Ryan McGee

Welcome back to a pre-championship weekend Three Downs and Punt. This week it's a special coaching carousel edition, where every down focuses on the most treacherous profession this side of the Ice Road Truckers: being a college head football coach.

We start where every coaching silly season starts, with the seats of heat. And by the time you read this some of those chairs may have already burned to the ground.

First down: Hot seat index

On Oct. 18, I wrote in this space about FBS head coaches who were on the hot seat. Just shy of two months later, four of the six coaches we listed are gone, with Oregon State's Mike Riley and Boston College's Frank Spaziani still hanging on as the survivors.

Full disclosure: On Thursday evening, literally as I was about to hit send on this story, my No. 1-ranked hot-seater Mike Sherman was fired by the Texas A&M Aggies.

So who has replaced the four from October and Sherman in my six-pack of heat? Hose yourself down with fire retardant Christmas tree spray and read ahead.