Effect of Forte's injury on his contract

Updated: December 5, 2011, 5:33 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: Do you think there is any way the San Diego Chargers turn around their season and make a run in the AFC West, or is their season over?

-- Kevin (Wisc.)

A: It's most likely over, Kevin. At 4-7, it's hard to imagine San Diego catching Denver or Oakland, each of whom are 7-5. But remember this: In each of the past seven seasons, a team with a losing record after 11 games has made playoffs -- St Louis ('04); Washington ('05); Philadelphia ('06); Washington ('07); San Diego ('08); the Jets ('09); and Seattle ('10). And six of those seven teams won at least one playoff game after posting a losing record after 11 games. So nothing's impossible, Kevin. But it's hard for anyone to like San Diego's chances right now. The team is just too banged up and too beaten down at this point.

Q: How much do you think Matt Forte's injury will affect how the Chicago Bears negotiate a deal after the season with him? What do you think the chances are that he re-signs with them?

-- Helio (N.J.)