Head-coaching candidates for Miami

Updated: December 15, 2011, 1:32 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: Do you believe the Chicago Bears made a mistake by not signing a veteran quarterback like Kyle Orton to replace Caleb Hanie as the starting quarterback? So far Hanie has been terrible and now the Bears have an uphill climb to make the postseason.

-- Justin (Ill.)

A:They did what they could, Justin. They put in a waiver claim for Orton, only to see him wind up in Kansas City, which had a higher waiver priority. They tested the waters on Marc Bulger, but he wanted to remain retired. They debated pursuing Donovan McNabb before deciding as an organization it would be better off with someone who knew Mike Martz's system like Josh McCown. So the Bears did what they could at this time of the season. Who else would you have wanted them to pursue? There really wasn't a quarterback out there who could step off the street and step into Chicago's lineup. The Bears were counting on Hanie, and so far he hasn't delivered. But still he has three games to prove he can be the guy. And if he can't, Chicago will have to find a new backup quarterback this offseason.

Q: Who do you think is the frontrunner to be the Miami Dolphins' head coach to start the 2012 season?

-- Henry (N.Y.)