The state of Raheem Morris' hot seat

Updated: December 22, 2011, 12:55 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: If Josh McDaniels gets a job this offseason, that'll be three O-coordinators for Sam Bradford in three seasons. Should the Rams go with a spread-it-out guy and go back to Bradford's strengths?

-- Darius (Oregon)

A: What people are forgetting is that McDaniels still has one year left on his Rams contract after this season, Darius. So unless he is hired as a head coach this offseason, which is possible, he's staying in St. Louis. But if he is hired as a head coach somewhere -- Kansas City? Miami? -- then St. Louis would need to go out and hire the most quarterback-friendly offensive coordinator there is, whether that was a spread-it-out coach or someone more conservative. But a lot would depend on who the Rams' head coach would be. So there are so many factors still in play -- does Steve Spagnuolo stay or go, does McDaniels stay or go -- that it's hard to predict exactly how this plays out. My sense today is that McDaniels will be coaching Bradford next season just like he is this season.

Q: Do you see the Bucs bringing back Raheem Morris next season if he decides to relinquish his duties as defensive coordinator? Also, if he does get axed, what coach would fit best in Tampa Bay?

-- Kevin (Florida)