Varying opinions on Robinson, Jones III

Updated: January 20, 2012, 12:11 PM ET
By Chad Ford

We made it through another week of conference play, and this time NBA teams are having a serious debate about a shake-up at the top of the draft board.

Here are some notes I've collected from NBA GMs and scouts.

A new member of the top tier

A number of NBA scouts and GMs were in Lawrence, Kan., on Monday trying to get their heads around one of the biggest philosophical dilemmas in this year's draft (or any draft, for that matter): potential or production?

In this case, to be more specific, Baylor's Perry Jones III or Kansas' Thomas Robinson?

Since his high school days, Jones has been heralded as a surefire lottery pick. The sophomore is long, athletic, skilled, versatile ... you name it. At times, he looks like he could be a 6-foot-11 Tracy McGrady. At other times, he completely disappears. For a second straight season, Jones is putting up solid numbers in the Big 12. But on any given night, he disappoints as much as he tantalizes. While Jones has all the physical gifts and skills to be an NBA superstar, he rarely plays like he wants to be one. He lacks aggression, a killer edge, the eye of the tiger.