Detroit's defensive dilemma

Updated: January 27, 2012, 11:05 AM ET
By Buster Olney

Prince Fielder was introduced by the Detroit Tigers on Thursday, but already the greatest question around the team is whether Miguel Cabrera can move back to third base and play the position adequately.

Cabrera already had hopes of moving back to third base, writes Lynn Henning, and he appears as if he's in better physical condition than in years past. The view from here: The chances are about 100 percent that the infield defense is a significant problem the Tigers will have to overcome, and can overcome.

But all 30 teams will go to spring training with major questions. Using my last pre-spring training power ranking as structure, here are the most notable pending issues for each team:

1. Tampa Bay Rays: Can their bullpen properly support what should be an excellent rotation? How functional can their lineup be against the better teams, given some of the strikeout-prone players in key spots of their lineup? If and when the wealthy Yankees and Red Sox inevitably make midseason deals, can the Rays withstand that second wave?

2. New York Yankees: How will Michael Pineda transition to the AL East, and to New York? Will the age of the everyday lineup manifest itself?