Implications of Braun decision

Updated: February 24, 2012, 11:41 AM ET
By Buster Olney

The Ryan Braun decision is now and will forever be baseball's Rorschach test. Ask 10 people what they see, and what it means, and you'll get 10 different perspectives. And the view of this from all corners of the sport is completely different:

1. Ryan Braun
He has maintained his innocence from the outset and hired expert lawyers to lead his defense and argue the appeal. And he won.

Would anyone in his position handle this differently than he did?

He faced a 50-game suspension and a penalty that would've completely wrecked his reputation. Any player in his situation -- screaming immediately that he did nothing wrong -- would challenge and scrutinize the process in every way possible.

Braun is entitled to the appeal, according to the collective bargaining agreement, and his representatives argued their case. The pivotal arbitrator, Shyam Das, agreed with their argument.

But here's the reality for Braun: No matter what happens with this case going forward, he'll never be able to get his reputation fully restored in the way that he wants.