Expectations high for David Price

Updated: March 4, 2012, 10:49 AM ET
By Buster Olney

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The base hit lashed by Joe Mauer in his second at-bat -- a ball hit so hard that it raised a cloud of dust as it skipped into center field -- was Saturday's headline event, along with the crooked box score numbers posted by Justin Morneau. The Twin stars have said they are OK, and there was tangible proof on Saturday.

Both were overpowered in their first at-bats, however, and there was no shame in that.

The Rays' David Price blistered fastballs past them to finish off strikeouts. Mauer and then Morneau looked back at home plate umpire Brian O'Nora after taking the fastballs, maybe to question the calls, but maybe in reaction to how unfair this time of spring training can be, when the pitchers are so far ahead of the hitters. Ninety-five mph fastballs on the black on March 3? That's just not right.