Upset odds for Sunday's games

Updated: March 17, 2012, 5:27 PM ET
By Peter Keating and Jordan Brenner

When last we left you, we were analyzing a historic win by Norfolk State, rushing to publish the blog entry and planning to settle in for a tranquil night of hoops after a long week of work.


First, Norfolk State found a companion in Lehigh. Then our model took a bow when it nailed Ohio over Michigan. Just when we were prepping to see how the Bobcats might match up with Temple, South Florida found its offense and set up a 12 vs. 13 battle, meaning it has no GK significance. Memphis and Saint Louis flip-flopped for the right to wage a GK war with Michigan State. And another comeback left Xavier as a Giant in the next round.

Madness, indeed.

You can read yesterday's blog by clicking here for a preview of Norfolk State and Florida, while we look ahead to three other GK games on Sunday's slate -- and how they came to be.

The 15th-seeded Lehigh Mountain Hawks (Giant Killer rating of less than 2 on a 100-point scale) vs. the No. 10 Xavier Musketeers (40.5 vulnerability rating)
Upset chance: 10.1 percent