Lessons from the 2012 tourney

Updated: March 27, 2012, 4:59 PM ET
By Peter Keating and Jordan Brenner

As the rest of the country gears up for an epic Final Four, we're suffering from a sense of loss. There are no more double-digit seeds to examine, no more directional schools to navigate through the bracket. GK Central has grown quiet. The paint is chipping on the walls, lights are flickering and -- wait -- was that just a tumbleweed drifting by?

We still have two orders of business to address, though. The first is to ask for your nominations for this year's All-Giant Killers team. We're looking for outstanding performances for players on GK teams, with a huge edge given to those who actually pulled off upsets. And, secondly, this is the part of the annual saga where we reflect on what we've learned and figure out what else we want to know going forward. So please join us on this brief voyage -- your opinions matter to us as we begin planning ahead for Year 8.

Here's a look at what we learned: