A case for Waiters over Marshall

Updated: May 7, 2012, 3:37 PM ET
By Fran Fraschilla

As I talk with NBA friends and as I am reminded by my year scouting in the league, college basketball and NBA basketball are completely different games. It's like the difference between Spanish and Portuguese. They sound alike but are different languages.

That's why comparing, arguably, college basketball's best passing point guard of the last decade, Kendall Marshall, with Syracuse's score-first sixth man, Dion Waiters, might not be as one-sided an argument as one would think. In fact, North Carolina's Marshall and Syracuse's Waiters will be scrutinized closely by NBA teams that are in search of a point guard even though they couldn't be more different in style.

Do not be surprised if a team looking for help in the backcourt opts for Waiters over Marshall, as Waiters might end up being a more effective NBA point guard.