If Nash leaves, Suns need shooters

Updated: May 16, 2012, 1:33 PM ET
By David Thorpe

Going back just a few years, the Phoenix Suns had an identity and their style of play was action packed. It was the "seven seconds or less" offense, led by the incomparable Steve Nash, coached by Mike D'Antoni, anchored by Amare Stoudamire and featuring Shawn "The Matrix" Marion.

However, if Nash chooses to leave Phoenix this summer in order to play for a contender, the last vestige of that prolific scoring team will be gone. Sure, there still would be some talent remaining, even enough at one particular spot to allow the Suns to focus on other positions. But with Nash gone there no longer is any semblance of an identity. What is the plan going forward and how is this new team going to play? Who they draft might shed some light on the answer, or prove that they are still trying to answer that question.

Bad fits: Any center

Phoenix's one strength lies in its two centers, Marcin Gortat and Robin Lopez. A dual column of centers is a luxury every team would love to have and build around. Gortat will be the best returning player on this team if Nash departs, and Lopez is a proven and capable backup (though he has the potential for better). Considering the glaring holes that exist elsewhere on the roster, drafting any center makes no sense.