Machado increases value at NJ workouts

Updated: May 22, 2012, 3:42 PM ET
By Chad Ford

The NBA held its first NBA draft workout of the year in New Jersey on May 19-20.

The workouts in New Jersey and Minnesota (May 30-31) are the last two chances for NBA scouts to see players playing five-on-five. Players no longer participate in five-on-five scrimmages at the Chicago draft combine and are now limited to three-on-three games both in Chicago and during individual team workouts, per NBA rules.

Twenty-eight teams showed up at the N.J. event (the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Clippers were no-shows). Seventeen general managers attended along with more than 150 executives, coaches and scouts.

That's a lot of folks for a group of players who likely won't catch a glimpse of the first round. None of the top 30 prospects attended the event, and 49 of our top 60 overall skipped New Jersey.

France's Evan Fournier would have been the main attraction, but he wasn't at the event due to an injury suffered in France. Still, a number of other players in our Top 100 were there.

ESPN spoke with a number of NBA executives and scouts in attendance to get their take on standouts at the event. Opinions varied wildly among scouts and execs at this event -- making one wonder if they were watching the same game at times.

Nevertheless, I was able to pull together some semblance of a consensus on who the top players were.

Here's a look at five players who could have helped their case, at a minimum, for an invite to the Chicago draft combine and, perhaps, might have worked their way into first-round consideration. They might not have had the best weekend, but they were the players who most intrigued GMs and scouts .