How to find hitting help off the waiver wire

Updated: June 1, 2012, 2:57 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

Injuries are the great equalizer in fantasy sports. You're cruising along in your head-to-head baseball keeper league with Matt Kemp, Troy Tulowitzki, Roy Halladay, Dustin Pedroia and Nick Markakis -- OK, so that would be a really good team! -- then all of a sudden, to differing degrees they're all gone. It stinks. But you can't give up, you've got to make adjustments, find a way to fill the production. There's no crying in fantasy baseball.

There are also no asterisks for why you didn't win your league, and your league mates won't have sympathy for you no matter how bad it gets. I have a ravaged experts-league team and there's little to be done about it, choosing between Daniel Descalso and Vinny Rottino to fill holes in a 13-team NL-only format. Ah, but in ESPN standard 10-team mixed leagues, free agency is more bountiful, notably for the hitters. There's pitching everywhere, but not power. June baseball begins Friday and it seems a wise time to go around the diamond to find those under-owned offense choices.