KU's Robinson says he should be No. 1

Updated: June 11, 2012, 1:19 PM ET
By Chad Ford

CHICAGO -- The 2012 NBA draft combine continued over the weekend with drills, measurements, athletic testing and team interviews on Friday, followed by medical examinations on Saturday and Sunday.

With virtually every NBA GM, head coach and scouting staff in attendance, the event was a perfect opportunity to talk to teams, interview players and get a sense of how they stacked up against one another.

While the drills they went through on the court might have been, in and of themselves, meaningless, they did offer a rare opportunity to see all of the players in the draft up close on the same floor.

ESPN had access to the gym for the eight hours of the combine, and I was in the hotel lobby talking to teams, players and agents for most of the afternoon and evening.

Based on the information I gathered, here are some quick hits on what I'm hearing about a number of top prospects in the draft. You can also check out our updated Top 100 to get a feel for where players now stand after the pre-draft combine.

• Is Anthony Davis a lock for the No. 1 pick? Yes, and it's not even close. Forget about the fact that the Hornets are saying publicly that they are still considering their options. He's the guy.