Programs needing strong 2013 classes

Updated: August 1, 2012, 12:56 PM ET
By Fran Fraschilla

I coached college basketball for 26 years, and I felt we needed a great recruiting year every year.

But the truth is that some years are more important than others for different reasons for different basketball programs.

Here is a look at five schools that most need a great 2013 recruiting class, including the recruits that would fit each program best:

1. Kentucky Wildcats

Recruiting goal: Feed the monster
Top targets: Julius Randle, Aaron Harrison, Andrew Harrison, Kennedy Meeks

It's Kentucky, so there is no patience to rebuild even after a national championship season, and John Calipari knows and embraces that.

Calipari has established a great niche with "one-and-done" guys, attracting the nation's top freshman talent since he arrived in Lexington. In fact, a staggering nine Wildcats newcomers have been selected in the first round in the last three NBA drafts. And, if prognosticators are correct, three more could find themselves drafted in the first round next June.