Baltimore's successful scramble

Updated: August 9, 2012, 11:20 PM ET
By Buster Olney

The Ripkens and the Tylers have been the lords of baseball in Baltimore for decades, and for those who are more familiar with Cal Sr. and Cal Jr. and Billy than the Tylers, a quick primer is in order. Ernie Tyler was in charge of the Orioles' clubhouse operations for years, before his sons Jimmy and Fred took over; this while Ernie ran the umpires' room, preparing baseballs and running them out to the home plate ump during games.

It has been their responsibility to prepare for and respond to every roster move the Orioles make, with the lockers and the jerseys and other equipment. So consider all the work that has entailed this crazy summer -- they deserve an extra month in their offseason.

The Orioles have been winning this year, and as they begin play today, they are 4.5 games out of first place. And because of injuries, matchups, roster advantages and disadvantages, extra innings and even Mother Nature, the team has made a staggering number of roster moves.