Goldschmidt: My first 162 games

Updated: August 23, 2012, 10:16 AM ET
By Paul Goldschmidt

Buster Olney is on vacation this week, so guest columnists are writing the lead of his column. So far this week, A.J. Ellis wrote about life at the trade deadline, Ryan Flaherty talked about adjusting to the major leagues, and A.J. Pierzynski showed how fantasy football can infiltrate a big league clubhouse. Today, Paul Goldschmidt writes about his first full year in the big leagues.

On July 31, 2011, I received the call that I had dreamed about since I was a kid. As I was sitting down for breakfast with my wife, my phone rang and my Double-A manager Turner Ward told me the Arizona Diamondbacks were calling me up to the big leagues.

As I arrived at the airport to catch my flight to San Francisco, I was informed my connecting flight was delayed due to mechanical problems. I had heard horror stories of players missing their flights and never getting another opportunity to play in the big leagues, so naturally I was a little panicked about finding a way to meet the D-backs in San Francisco.

After begging a US Airways employee at the airport, I was able to get moved onto a United Airlines flight to Houston and connect to San Francisco. On my way to Houston, our plane went through a thunderstorm and actually got struck by lightning. At this point I remember thinking, "This is either a really good or a really bad sign."

As it turned out, the lightning strike was a good sign. I eventually made it into San Francisco around 2 a.m., and I was able to get a hit in my first major league at-bat.