Will N.Y. Jets bring in another QB?

Updated: August 31, 2012, 8:27 AM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: With Russell Wilson winning the starting job in Seattle, will the Seahawks keep Matt Flynn or look to move him?

-- Jerome (Washington)

A: They will keep him, Jerome. His contract is set up to where it's not overly restrictive to keep him. Plus, Seattle is locked into an incredibly friendly deal with Russell Wilson for the next three years, so even with both those quarterbacks, the Seahawks still are spending less than other teams are on one quarterback. Flynn's deal averages about $6 million per year, which is high-end backup money and low-end starting money. But Wilson's contract is so friendly that Seattle can do what it wants. And it has no intention of dealing Flynn, whom it still happens to like.

Q: Hey Adam, the New York Jets QB situation is a mess. Any chance they sign a veteran QB during the season like Donovan McNabb? Could Greg McElroy actually play this year like Peter King suggested on PTI?

-- Jason (New Jersey)