Stock Watch: Keep eye on Britt

Updated: August 31, 2012, 9:42 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

The relatively good news that Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was suspended for only one game has clearly sent a good portion of fantasy owners scurrying to update their draft lists. Frankly, there were concerns the NFL would levy harsher punishment on Britt, an extremely talented player but one who just cannot avoid trouble off the field. Then again, Britt has made news on the field as well, as he tore his ACL in Week 3 last season and missed considerable time the year before as well. The state of his knees always seemed the more critical issue to determining his value anyway.

Still, at least Britt will be eligible to suit up in Week 2, and anyone who has seen him play knows the potential is there for a monster season. The pieces are in place for an improved Titans team, with running back Chris Johnson poised to return to his 2010 self (well, close to it, we hope), and young quarterback Jake Locker, an upgrade athletically and for arm strength, the new starter. Say what you will about Britt's indiscretions, but the guy has mad skills. Through two weeks last season, he already had registered 271 receiving yards and three touchdowns. In the 10 games in which he caught passes in 2010 he hauled in touchdowns in seven of them, including a magnificent October performance when he embarrassed the Philadelphia Eagles' secondary for 225 receiving yards and three touchdowns, doing so with Kerry Collins at quarterback.

With health and hopefully legal woes behind him, Britt certainly has top top-10 wide receiver potential. Yet as of Friday morning he's merely an 11th-round choice on average in ESPN's live drafts, 37th among wide receivers, each of those figures clearly driven by the risk. The reward, however, is so sweet.