Will MJD get carries for the Jags?

Updated: September 3, 2012, 2:53 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: Adam, with Maurice Jones-Drew reporting to the Jacksonville Jaguars, what do you think are realistic expectations for him Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings? Is he in football shape? Will his teammates accept him back onto the team?

-- Sergio (California)

A: Well, Sergio, to begin with, Rashad Jennings is expected to start Sunday against the Vikings in the regular-season opener. Depending on the shape MJD is in -- and my hunch is he's in good shape -- I'm guessing he gets 10-15 carries, depending on the flow of the game. With each week, MJD should get more and more of the workload, as you'd expect. But also keep in mind that Jennings has been pretty impressive this summer. If he runs well, he will warrant work. And will teammates accept MJD back? Of course. Players understand what players do better than anyone when it comes to business. Plus MJD is well-liked. There won't be any issues there.

Q: I am having a real problem watching NFL football so far. Is there any chance the lockout with the refs ends soon? How long could it go?

-- Jimmy (Pennsylvania)