How did replacement refs do?

Updated: September 10, 2012, 2:36 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: What are you hearing about the replacement refs? Do people think they've done a good job so far?

-- Dave (Nevada)

A: By and large, Dave, they did pretty well. They didn't have a great game in the San Francisco-Green Bay matchup, as the NFL's former head of officials, Mike Pereira tweeted Sunday, which quickly drew a rebuke from NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. But here's the thing, Dave. We really didn't notice or have to talk about the officials much, which is the surest sign that they were, at worst, competent. And keep this in mind, as some NFL executives pointed out in recent days: It's not as if the regular officials got every call correct. They made their fair share of mistakes, too, as coaches have been quick to point out. But all in all, the day was a "W" for the NFL.

Q: Adam, who was the most impressive player from Week 1? I thought RG3 was phenomenal for the Washington Redskins.

-- Martin (Maryland)