Early look at the Top 100 S curve

Updated: November 6, 2012, 11:53 AM ET
By Joe Lunardi

Call me crazy -- not "maybe!" -- but in many ways it's harder to build a reputable preseason bracket than one in January or February. With every team sitting at 0-0, everything is possible and everyone is undefeated for now.

To preview the new season and officially launch our Bracketology content for 2013, I have evaluated more than 100 teams across the nation. These include preseason favorites in the so-called "one-bid" leagues as well as the overwhelming majority of postseason contenders from traditional multibid conferences.

We'll revisit these full "Top 100" rankings throughout the season. It is the never-before-published S curve driving all things brackets. With every final score of the 2012-13 campaign, these rankings will be updated for a real-time picture of "who's in" and "who's out." At any given moment, we'll know the exact national landscape (or be pretty darn close…).

It's important to note that this dynamic Top 100, like the S curve itself, is compiled independent of projected conference standing or postseason tournament seeding. The arithmetic below allows us to backfill the NCAA and NIT fields accordingly:

-- 31 teams are included as projected conference winners (ALL CAPS)
-- the next-best 37 teams make up the projected NCAA tournament at-large pool
-- the next 28 teams take us to 96 altogether, or what the NCAA tournament might have been had greater minds not prevailed at the last TV negotiations
-- add four more teams to reach an even 100, or the combined total of NCAA and NIT teams for 2013

We start with the NCAA top seeds (in order), along with pertinent data for each (win-loss records and tournament finishes from the 2011-12 season):