Chip Kelly's NFL coaching prospects

Updated: November 21, 2012, 1:31 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: Football is a business. In other businesses, when expectations aren't met, the CEO is put in the crosshairs. For all of the New York Jets' woes, I haven't heard anything about either Mike Tannenbaum or Rex Ryan getting canned. (Woody Johnson isn't going to fire himself.) Obviously, the team (business) is adrift. Suggestions?

-- Mike (New York City)

A: Wait, Mike, you live in New York City and you haven't heard anything about Tannenbaum or Ryan getting canned? You must have lost power longer than the 15 days that my family and I didn't have it, because it has been all over sports talk radio, the Internet, everywhere. It would be hard not to hear the message of the pressure on them and others within the Jets organization. My response would be this: At this time last year, there were New York Giants fans who legitimately wanted the team to fire head coach Tom Coughlin. They wanted him out. They were as frustrated as you and many of the Jets fans are now. The Giants sat tight and did nothing, and that worked out. I'm not saying that the team will or will not get rid of Tannenbaum and/or Ryan, but let's just let the season play out, see how the team performs in the final six games and then revisit the topic.

Q: Are you hearing Chip Kelly's name mentioned about coming to the NFL? Which teams could be interested? How long do you think Kelly stays at Oregon?

-- Garin (Oregon)