Can Redskins win the NFC East?

Updated: December 5, 2012, 4:20 PM ET
By Adam Schefter

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Q: What's your sense of the Jacksonville Jaguars' future plans at quarterback? Chad Henne has been solid in relief so far, but he can't be the long-term solution there. Are they ready to cut their losses and give up on Blaine Gabbert, or will they give him one more year to figure it out due to the weak QB draft class in 2013?

-- Kevin (Wisconsin)

A: My sense, Kevin, is that they want to see Henne the rest of the season and give him the chance to win the starting job. But they are not at the point where they are ready to cut ties with Gabbert, not yet anyway. As much as some Jaguars fans would like to see that, Gabbert did make some progress this season and Jacksonville has to see if there's more there that it can tap into. My guess is both quarterbacks will be back there next season, but Jacksonville would have no problems going with Henne, especially if he performs well down the stretch here. Then, you always have to remember the name Tim Tebow. Somehow, somewhere, that speculation will come up this offseason.

Q: With the Washington Redskins' win on Monday night, how legitimate are their playoff chances? Can they win the NFC East?

-- Carol (North Dakota)