Alabama's shot at a three-peat

Updated: January 11, 2013, 4:01 PM ET
By Travis Haney

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The word "dynasty" has been used to describe Alabama's current run, and it's going to be instantly linked to the program in the next year.

The Crimson Tide going for three BCS championships in a row and four in five years? Concluding the BCS era with three consecutive titles? You would likely have Bama Dynasty Fatigue, exasperating I'm sure for those already suffering from SEC Fatigue.

"What gets me is this is the time in college football when that's supposed to be impossible," one coach at the American Football Coaches Association convention said. "We all know exactly how it's happening, with coaching and all those players, but we're still amazed by it."

Without much else left to say, he then offered profanity. It's frustrating to deal with this, to be compared to this standard. It's irritating in a friendly way, though. No one is vengeful about Bama's fortunes. It's more of a "dang that guy" sentiment with Nick Saban.

Another coach joked that he'd like to see the SEC's 13 other schools pool their money to send Saban back to the NFL.

"Let's give him a $100 million contract," he said, laughing. "Would that do it? Here you go, Browns. Here's Nick and an armored car."

There are several strong candidates to unseat Alabama as the nation's best team next season, including an Oregon team returning coach Chip Kelly and a lot of talented athletes (starting with quarterback Marcus Mariota and dynamic RB/WR De'Anthony Thomas) and an Ohio State team coming off an undefeated season and now postseason-eligible. (Check out colleague Mark Schlabach's early top 25 ranking today for a whole list of possible contenders.)

But Alabama should be the clear-cut choice as the favorite to win it all again next season -- a team with the potential to be better than the one we saw crush Notre Dame 42-14 Monday night.