Five emerging matchup nightmares

Updated: January 17, 2013, 2:42 PM ET
By Seth Greenberg

League play is now in full swing, and as a coach that means that every game takes on a greater significance. A bad loss can be devastating, which is why coaches need to game-plan in a way that takes away the opponent's best players and forces someone else to beat you.

That's where my list of matchup nightmares come in. These are the players who cause coaches the most sleepless nights in trying to game-plan for them. I gave my top-10 list earlier this season but wanted to update with five more who have emerged as the toughest to play against over the past few weeks.

Ben McLemore, Kansas Jayhawks

McLemore is as tough a matchup as there is in the country. He averages 16.4 points and shoots 43.5 percent from 3-point range and 50.3 from 2. He affects the game on both sides of the ball, part of the reason why he's now No. 3 on Chad Ford's Big Board. He is an active and alert defender who has a knack for jumping passing lanes and making big plays on the defensive end of the floor. He's also hard to screen and does a great job of contesting shots. That means even when Kansas isn't on offense, McLemore is a very disruptive individual who opponents need to account for.