Top 100 update: Canes, Badgers rising

Updated: January 18, 2013, 1:33 PM ET
By Joe Lunardi

Note: The purpose of our weekly Top 100 is to mimic the full slate of teams that might receive consideration at any point by the NCAA men's basketball committee. The full at-large nomination board would almost never include that many teams, but we use 100 as it matches the aggregate composition of the NCAA (68 teams) and NIT (32) fields in a given season.

The same four teams that occupied the 1-seed line in last week's Top 100 update remain there this week, although the order has changed, with the Louisville Cardinals taking over the No. 1 overall seed. Several teams are on the rise or heading in the wrong direction based on their performances to start conference play.

As a reminder, here's how our Top 100 arithmetic works:

• 31 teams are included as current conference leaders (ALL CAPS), representing the automatic bids in the field
• the next best 37 teams make up the projected NCAA tournament at-large pool
• the next 28 teams take us to 96 altogether, or what the NCAA tournament might one day look like
• add four more teams to reach an even 100, the combined total of NCAA and NIT teams for 2013

Let's take a look at how the latest S-curve stacks up.

We start with the current NCAA top seeds (in order). This includes the teams' S-curve number, conference and ranking within the conference.

1. LOUISVILLE (Big East/1)
2. Duke (ACC/1)
3. KANSAS (Big 12/1)
4. Michigan (Big Ten/1)

BRACKET BYTES: The top line has been unusually fluid of late, reflecting the reality of there being many very good teams -- but no truly great ones -- in college basketball this season. Louisville holds the No. 1 overall seed, but that could vanish as quickly as Saturday afternoon in the first of two meetings with Big East co-favorite Syracuse.