A's owner must take a stand for new park

Updated: March 5, 2013, 11:09 AM ET
By Buster Olney

San Jose councilman Sam Liccardo wants the city to sue the San Francisco Giants, as Mark Purdy writes. From his story:

    "The concern that seems to be broadly discussed is about litigation on behalf of the San Francisco Giants," Liccardo said the other day at his City Hall office. "But the San Francisco Giants should become concerned about the threat of a lawsuit by the city of San Jose."

    Seriously? Yes, seriously. Liccardo says the Giants are not just standing in the way of San Jose's downtown reaching its full potential, they are costing the city real money.

    "We have an independent economic analysis," Liccardo said. "And it documents that the fiscal benefit of a downtown San Jose ballpark -- and this is in conservative terms, with just the property taxes generated and the money that would go to public schools and to the county -- exceeds $30 million over 30 years. And any antitrust suit that the city might bring could mean treble damages."

    In other words, if the Giants lost the lawsuit that Liccardo wants to file, the team could be liable for $90 million or more.

    But what about the legal costs to San Jose and its citizens for filing the lawsuit? Liccardo has that handled, too.

    "There are extremely qualified litigators, well-known attorneys, who are willing to take it on without a dime of cost to San Jose taxpayers," Liccardo said. "I've spoken with them. They would take it on a contingency basis."

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