Miller leads 'All-Heavy Lifting' team

Updated: April 5, 2013, 8:49 PM ET
By Travis Haney

Where would Ohio State have been in 2012 without Braxton Miller? Almost certainly not undefeated. Where will Ohio State be in 2013 without Braxton Miller? Almost certainly not undefeated.

It's a team sport, arguably more than any other on the planet, but some players are simply more valuable than others. Along with increasing value, there is corresponding pressure. So leading off with OSU's junior quarterback, consider this the All-Heavy Lifting team -- players whose burdens are a little heavier than those around them.

A dual-threat QB like Miller, or Heisman winner Johnny Manziel for that matter, is a natural starting point for the conversation because of the amount of time he has the ball in his hands.

• Miller ran or threw on 57.5 percent of the Buckeyes' 837 plays in 2012, accounting for 65.1 percent of the team's 5,085 total yards.

• Manziel, meanwhile, had the ball on 62 percent of Texas A&M's 1,025 plays, accounting for 70.5 percent of the team's 7,260 total yards.