What kind of QB do you want?

Updated: April 8, 2013, 11:55 AM ET
By Kevin Weidl

The past few weeks I've had several conversations with scouts and one NFL offensive coach with a strong background dealing with and evaluating quarterbacks. During those talks, several interesting points came up that have helped me put my finger on the pulse of the 2013 quarterback class at this point.

The biggest takeaway is that with the lack of a clear-cut No. 1 prospect in this year's class, it becomes necessary to break the group into three distinct categories based on scheme fits: read/progression (West Coast) passers, dual-threat QBs, and pure pocket passers. It's similar to how the tight end position is broken down with the traditional "Y" or "Joker" tight ends, who are undersized pass-catching types. Teams that need help at quarterback must do a thorough job of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each prospect.