The biggest draft dilemmas

Updated: April 11, 2013, 2:54 PM ET
By Jason A. Churchill

Every spring, clubs begin to see enough separation between talents that their draft board starts to really take shape. For most clubs that starts to occur in April. Teams are narrowing their choices, and those drafting in the top five may be down to fewer than 10-12 names from which they'll choose.

But when lining up the top names, the decisions get really tough. Here are a few of the biggest dilemmas out there.

Meadows or Frazier?

If a club wishes to take the upside route on a high school bat, choosing between Grayson (Ga.) High School's Austin Meadows and Loganville's Clint Frazier may be the No. 1 task on their docket. Meadows has advantages in terms of long-term defensive profile -- center field, versus a likely corner outfield role for Frazier -- and the higher ceiling at the plate, but Frazier has a jump start on him in terms of present skills.