Why I'd take Len over Noel

Updated: May 2, 2013, 3:23 PM ET
By Fran Fraschilla

Most NBA front offices keep a fluid list of draft prospects that will change throughout the course of the year. But now that the early-entry players have declared their intentions (international prospects can still withdraw their names up to 10 days before the NBA draft on June 27), things will start to become clearer for teams as they assess and evaluate players over the next two months.

The consensus among teams I talk to is that there is no consensus about this draft. However, in my opinion, one thing is clear: This is not a draft that has a potential Hall of Famer or a definite NBA All-Star in it. It reminds me of the 2011 draft, minus Kyrie Irving's selection as the top pick. Valuable players like Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, Kenneth Faried and Chandler Parsons were taken outside of the top 10. If teams can find a similarly valued player anywhere in this draft -- Murray State's Isaiah Canaan maybe? -- they should consider themselves fortunate.

In the coming weeks, we will go through each of the five positions and break down the prospect largely considered to be the favorite to be taken first at his position, then compare him with one of the top alternatives.

First up, we will look at the top two center prospects in the draft, and why taking Alex Len over Nerlens Noel could be the right choice.