Draft could produce run on bats

Updated: May 9, 2013, 11:43 AM ET
By Jason A. Churchill

The strength of the 2013 MLB draft class is, once again, college pitching. The depth in college hitters is below average despite a handful of first-round talents such as San Diego's Kris Bryant, North Carolina's Colin Moran and Stanford's Austin Wilson. On the prep side, there are a number of intriguing position players, and some of those are getting first-round consideration, but the upside play at the high school level is again on the side of the pitching.

Right-hander Kohl Stewart of St. Pius X High School in Houston leads the charge, with left-hander Trey Ball (New Castle High School, Ind.) also garnering attention in the top half of the first round. Still, the first round could be dominated by hitters. Here's why: